It's scary to put so much trust into a person to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments, the first kiss as husband and wife, or even the last photos of a grandparent. I create such great bonds with my clients to ensure the trust. You can trust me. I will capture your moments.

When you choose me as your photographer, I promise to you that I will capture moments that you may not have even known happened. There is an art in 'seeing', and I just see things... beautiful things.



Whether you are 100% sure about wanting to book a session with me, or even if you are just interested, reach out to me. When you send me an inquiry, I will respond to you within 1-4 days via email. I respond to emails on weekends or late at night. I want to build a trusting and fantastic relationship with you! I will answer any questions you may have, so even if you are just wanting to book a shoot but have some concerns first, reach out and we will get it figured out! You will chat with me personally, and we will discuss date, time, location, and any other specifics.

Unsure about location(s)? - I have a list of ideas.

Unsure about clothes? - I have so many Pinterest boards full of ideas.


This is the best part! We get to meet up at the location we have chosen and do the damn thing! Do not worry about posing. If you think "I am so nervous for my shoot because I'm so awkward!", don't worry!!! I will pose you; it is my job. I know what looks good, and at the end of every session I will still ask you if you had any requests or special poses you wanted to make sure we got it all. I love candids, so I will pose you, but they aren't extremely 'posed' photographs, you know what I mean? I capture the in between moments. I capture it all.


So you know how I've said how I photograph every moment? Well when you receive the email in your inbox of you photo gallery, you'll really understand what I mean. I give an approximate number of photos, but when I actually deliver your photos you may find that there is a lot more than you expected. That's my treat... just because I truly love what I do. Why keep it from you? We're friends now! You will receive an online gallery link in your email with all of your photos for you to download an unlimited number of times. I am a fast editor because I am just as excited to get your photos back to you as you are to receive them, so expect your photos back to you within 1-3 weeks (for regular sessions).